How to make ActionTiles an "App" on my homescreen / launcher / desktop?

The app shortcut, and each of the Panels you create, can be placed your homescreen, desktop or launcher. If your browser (e.g., Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS, and various options on PCs and Macs) has an "Add to Homescreen" or "Add to Desktop" menu option, then it can bring up ActionTiles in full-screen immersive mode. There is also a full-screen button in ActionTiles; but it may not work consistently in all browsers.

Before you bookmark, or "Add to Homescreen" or similar, just be sure to be viewing your Panel.

Every Panel has a unique URL. The browser retains a login session cookie and you should not have to login again unless you change your password or clear your browser cache ("clear browsing data").

One popular special option for Android tablets is the "Fully Kiosk Browser" (free for basic mode, and a small fee per tablet from its developer for "plus" features...). It can be found in the Google Play Store, or at the website for a direct APK download:

Again: Be sure to set your specific desired Panel (the full unique URL) as the "Start Page" in Fully's settings.

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