ActionTiles fails to load due to adblock PiHole blacklist

ActionTiles app is hosted on Google Cloud platform, which is shared with countless other sites, some of which might be malicious. Some ad blocking software black lists entire IP ranges, which causes collateral damage to legitimate sites and apps.

Some Google services which have been added to one or more ad-block "blacklists". We have indications that some component(s) of ActionTiles may be suddenly blocked by ad blockers or other similar firewall. Please disable ad blocker to confirm, including such devices as PiHole if you are running one.

You can also test ActionTiles outside your regular home network such as on a cell phone 4G, or at an internet cafe / hotspot.

Since we have no control of these blacklists (nor the specific Firebase servers or IP addresses used by ActionTiles), we can only recommend using your logs to whitelist anything that ActionTiles appears to access.

These particular domains are confirmed to be affected:


Please whitelist the above servers and check whether this resolves your issue.

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