How to Securely Share a Panel for Alarm & Lock Control, etc.

Very good question.

The best way to put up a secure Panel for alarm control, etc. is:

  1. Create a secondary ActionTiles Account with a unique email address and its own secret personal password. You can use an email alias (How to use an email alias for Panel Sharing).
  2. Using your regular ActionTiles Account, create the Panel you wish to keep secured, and set a PIN for sensitive Tiles (like Alarm).
  3. Under Panel Builder - Panel Settings, Turn off "Panel Options Button Shown".
  4. Using Left-Navigation-Menu, Select Panel Sharing, and Share just this one Panel with the secondary ActionTiles Account.

    This secondary Account will only have access to the Panel you shared to it. While the Panel Builder and other pages can still be accessed, they will be empty. And since this secondary Account is not connected to your SmartThings Location, it cannot be used to access anything in your SmartThings Location that isn't on the single shared Panel.

    That Panel has a unique full URL, which should be used as the default bookmark, or the StartURL in Fully, etc., on your alarm control Tablet.

    Make sense?


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