I need more free Trial time, please!

Thank-you for trying out ActionTiles and your interest in a Trial period extension.

We grant almost all requests for a new Trial, if you write to Support@ActionTiles.com...

But we have just a couple questions for ya, please? 😀

1. Please include a brief reason for your extension request? ... such as:

  • Do you have a particular reason for hesitating to purchase a license?
  • Are these specific Features you would like to better understand or test more completely? Can we help explain the Feature(s) to you?
  • Is there a possible bug you are encountering and you'd like to know the status of?
  • But ... It is fine to say you just need more time to explore; however, during the trial extension please be sure to write back if you have any questions, and also visit our Support & Feedback Forum!
  • Also: If you know you are busy right now; please wait to request a Trial Extension until you have a bit of time to dig into the app.

2. We need to know your your exact Location ID information:

  • Please provide your ActionTiles login email address (some folks don't use the same email as the one they are sending this Support request from 😉).
  • In the ActionTiles app, please go to:
    My Locations / <your location name> / "Copy to Clipboard".
    And paste the resulting text in replying to us.

Image 1627

Cheers and thanks...


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