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Hubitat Integration Public Beta (March 2021)

Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 months ago in Announcements updated by Ray Clem 3 weeks ago 216

Hubitat integration is now ready for Public Beta!

We are opening up registrations starting today. You will be able to use the Hubitat Elevation platform with ActionTiles for an extended period of time, free of charge, while we iron out any kinks that come up. When the integration will be deemed stable, a standard 14-day free trial period will begin after advanced notice.

Make sure that your Hubitat Hub has the latest firmware built

The use of ActionTiles platform is subject to our Terms and Conditions. A license will be required to continue using the Hubitat integration after a trial period. The licensing fees will be similar to SmartThings Locations / Hubs.


Just rebuilt one of my old panels and everything is working perfectly but I would like to add something similar to Smartthings Weather Tile any suggestions?

I am looking for this also.  Unless I am missing something, when I use the HE weather template, and add it in AT it adds multiple tiles.   So the tile in the example above would actually be 7 different tile for each data element.   Can't seem to find a way to get anything that shows current conditions in a single tile.  If I could add my ST tiles to the HE AT panel I might just keep the ST hub plugged in just for that.  BTW.  Thank for a great job.  Love AT and the port to HE makes it even better.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

I've been moving devices and rebuilding panels per room.  Things are going smooth.

You don't realize how much automation you have until you have to rebuild it all at once...lol...

This did give me a chance to make things more consistent throughout my panels, though.

THANK YOU for launching this! I really missed AT when I moved to Hubitat. Rebuilt my panel in about 20 minutes, absolutely zero issues. 

Same here. Mine is a work in progress still but really truly appreciate what you have done here Alex ! 

Hey are you using a built in or custom theme for your second picture with blue background yellow glow? Really like the look if you can share. 


Thanks. Just created a quick theme for that. Including screenshots here for you. Then of course under my tile settings I just picked info and glow. Hope that helps. 

Avi, you can also export a Theme. This option is under top-right menu.

Thank you Alex. Yes I did actually do that under panel settings however there doesn't seem to be a way to "apply all" for tiles right ? As in, if I wanted to apply the glow to all tiles in that panel? Ive only been using this since smart tiles days so clearly I'm just an idiot if there is in fact a way coz osmosis should have proven otherwise lol. 

And for clarification, when I say I did that I mean I tried to but had a problem pasting via iPhone which is why I just did screenshots. The other question was a follow up while I was thinking about it. 


I am SO HAPPY!!!  I have my Music Panels back (with improvements) on HE and ActionTiles!!!


SO HAPPY!!!  Improved again....  Info will update whether you click a tile or tell Alexa to play something.

Can you provide some insight into the song detail tiles??

webCoRE collects the "trackData" information (on change) from the Echo Device and parses the json information into separate fields.  The information is sent out using a GET request to php code and saves it to an SQL table.  Then another GET to php code is used to add the information from the SQL table to an image.  That image is used in ActionTiles and set to update every 5 seconds.

Let me know if you want to see the webCoRE piston.

We can discuss more on the linked topic, so we don't clog this one with things that are not about the switch to HE.


You can also see the progression of my Music Panels there.

Getting this errors after selecting the hub:

ErrorHub is not responding, please verify it is running and connected to the Internet
Message Please try again. Contact ActionTiles support if error persists.

Make sure your hub had the latest firmware.

I had the same problem, restarted my hub and it was able to connect.

it does have latest firmware. 

If your hub is indeed online but not responding, please open a private ticket and include your Hub ID. I will forward it to Hubitat support for investigation.

Can I transfer my smartthings license to hubitat? 

I asked the same question a while ago. Not unless you are replacing an old Smartthings hub with a new Smartthings hub at the same location.

That is exactly what I'm looking to do. But there is no way to remove/retire/unlicense my old ST location (that has no physical hub in actual existence for years now).
Nor does the license page have any 'transfer' functionality - as the Hubitat trial expiration message claims there is.

Hopefully these are functions that are still in the works and will be forthcoming.

i believe it was already said you need a new license that you cant transfer samsung to hubitat licenses.

i might be wrong though


I also wish I could delete the old license that is no longer in use but can't find a way to do that either. Maybe Alex can explain how to tidy up our old licenses???

A location can be removed when it is unlicensed.

Since SmartThings licensed do not apply to Hubitat, this has to be removed manually. Please open a ticket with support and include your account information.

Should we be switching over to the built in App on HE?

No action is required. You are already using the correct app on HE.


It looks like my trial will expire today and I don’t see a way to pay for it yet on the site. Will the trial license continue for now?  Do we have to put in a request to extend the trial? Or do you expect we can purchase the new license soon?  Thanks. 


The trial expiration messages for Hubitat have been removed. The Hubitat integration will continue to work in continuous trial mode, for now.

When the integration is deemed stable, a standard 14-day trial period will begin and Hubitat licenses will be available for purchase.

Virtual button is missing from the panel builder but present in the location hub details. Any suggestions on how to add this to my dashboard?

Paulo, please open a private ticket and include your Hub ID. This is something that we should be able to fix.

Did something change recently with the integration ? Have not been able to communicate with hubitat for a couple days now. Says "INIT". Tried usual reboot and readd type stuff but no dice

I was able to re-add the hub through AT, add all devices again which worked for a couple days then hub once again disappeared from my locations. Doesn't seem to be maintaining the stream status. 

Avi, Nothing changed with the integration, please open a private ticket and include your Hub ID for investigation.

Not seeing any similar issue here. Things have been working smoothly for me.

Are virtual buttons not supported yet in the beta version?

There must be some subtle. I will wait for your Hub ID to analyze this.

Hi Alex and the ActionTiles team. I have been using the BETA for Hubitat for about 2 weeks and no issues so far. I use if primarily for Security Panels that I have in my home and have switched to using Hubitat HSM but the screen also uses a few SmartThings devices as well. I also use both the ST and HE for my Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.  

Question for use is how does the switch from BETA to using a paid license work? I do not want to lose the work I have done and have absolutely no issues paying for a license for the HE work that is performing so beautifully.



John, you will not lose your work. Once the integration with HE is deemed stable, we will remove the "Beta" label, no action will be needed on your part.

Licenses for Hubitat integration will be available in the ActionTiles store.

Actiontiles appears to be down for me as well.  I'm on Hubitat.  

Everything seems to be back now.  I was in a panic, because when I tried to log into my account, all of my panels were gone.  Then, it changed to the flipping orange square.  Then back to my account with no panels.  Then the panels started slowly showing up one at a time.

I see my tiles, but their statuses are not syncing.  Device statuses like contact sensors, light switches and presence sensors are not syncing.  I'm comparing what I see directly on my Hubitat and what I see on Actiontiles.

Kenneth, if your device statuses are still out of sync after today's outage, you may need to synchronize your hub data with ActionTiles.

Select My Locations/Hubs, select your Hub and tap this button:

If this does not resolve the problem, please open a private tickets with support.

Thanks Alex. Your procedure fixed my issue.

ActionTiles experienced a system-wide outage today. Please rrefer to this thread for more information:


In ST I swear you could change the mode from the mode tile, but I don’t seem to have the ability to do that with the Hubitat mode tile.  Is there a different way to setup the tile to have that functionality?


This feature is not available yet. It will be enabled with the upcoming Hubitat firmware update.

Thanks!  Hubitat + ActionTiles will be unstoppable.  Thank you for expanding the platform for us.  

I have a tile that shows the temperature of a motion detector. The tile is in the "normal" condition state. Id like for it to stay "normal" when the temperature is bellow a certain point and change to warn then alert state when it above a certain point.


0-75 degrees = normal

76-80 =warn

80+ = alert.

Can this be done? Any ideas?


This came up several times. This is a good feature to have for both platforms. It will be prioritized.

Hi, I'm green as they come on Hubitat, after being on ST with AT, I've set this up, but all hue bulbs are switches? And hence they're not reporting levels or on off, yet I can flick those switches to switch them on off.. my bad? or .. (I'm sure it's me lol)

Please open a private ticket with ActionTiles support and include your Hub ID. We need to verify whether your Hue bulbs indeed connected as dimmable rather than on/off bulbs.


I have been using ActionTiles with Smartthings for some time. I like being able to view everything in one place, quickly identifying any potential  issues. I have a panel set up for battery conditions, lighting switches and dimmers, and all my sensors (motion, contact, temperature, etc. ).

I recently migrated from Smartthings to Hubitat and was quickly able to connect my Hubitat with the beta verision of Actiontiles. Everything seemed to work with Hubitat in the same manner as it worked with Smartthings. As soon as  the beta version is ready for prime time, I will be ready to purchase my new license.

The only issue I have is a couple of Hue light bulbs that do not indicate properly in Actiontiles. The lights show they are on even when thought are off. However, several other Hue bulbs are working properly. I can use Actiontiles to turn the Hue bulbs off, then on, the off again and they indicate properly.   So I am not sure what is going on. I may have to remove those two bulbs from Hue, reset them and then pair them again with Hue and then bring them back into Hubitat and Actiontiles. I doubt this is an ActionTiles error.

do your hue bulbs register as switches? That’s my problem as right above your comment. 

Please write to me privately and include your Hubitat Hub ID.

Hubitat doesn’t sync with Hue immediately. There is a polling loop of one minute to sync them together, so maybe AT is only showing what Hubitat is seeing...

Correct. This is true for both platforms. If the hub is not aware of a physical state change, it won't report the information to ActionTiles.

The issue above is slightly different though.

When I look at my Hubitat hub details in ActionTiles today I see a message saying the trial has ended and I need to purchase a license.  I have been watching because I expected this to happen soon  The license page only has an option for SmartThings though.

Ignore this message for now, Jim. The integration still needs some work, mostly on missing features. Once the Hubitat integration is out of Public Beta, a standard trail period will being. You will be able to purchase licenses at that time.

I discovered the availability of this beta quite by accident. I recently updated my Hubitat hub and noticed Action Tiles was available in the app section. I was an Action Tiles user when I was with Smartthings and really missed it after switching to Hubitat. Hopefully this will become a production product at some point. I would gladly purchase a license (but not a subscription, sorry). 

Now I need to get going and create a few useful dashboards!!

Welcome back to ActionTiles, Mike.

At this point, the integration with Hubitat is very stable. There's little to no outstanding issues. There are some gaps around modes, HSF and weather which will filled as soon as possible.

Graduating the Hubitat integration to Production is mostly administrative effort, but it's fairly involved...

Any news on when this will be updated please?

Does ActionTiles support Hubitat Buttons or HSM?  I don't see them when adding Tiles

Answering myself as there was no reply :)

I associated Virtual Switches with the Hubitat Buttons and had them turn off after 2 seconds.  I then added the switches to AT (and used a button icon).

HSM can be added from SmartThings using HubConnect (I like that AT Panels can add tiles from both Hubitat and ST), or I can just use the Mode and some Virtual Switches to change the Alarm state.  (I keep Mode in sync with HSM).


I had the same issue as you can see from my previous post and the response from Alex was that you needed to add a switch or momentary capability to the button. I did exactly what you described except used 500ms for a quicker response. Should have posted my solution but you beat me to it. Part of the fun is figuring out work how to get around stumbling blocks:) I can now turn off everything with a button press.

I go a long way back with AT... back to when it was Smart Tiles.  ST has gotten to be such a pain I started looking at Hubitat.  Seeing AT sold me.  Working on getting HT setup, have some issues, actually a lot of issues, but I will work them out.  Soon as I have a stable HT AT will be next.  So glad AT is available on Hubitat.  Ginny  (Hi Alex)

Hi Ginny! Glad to see you continuing your journey!


What a great product. It took me 2 full weeks to migrate from Smartthings over to Hubitat. It took me a couple of hours only to set everything up in Actiontiles. What a relief to finally have my dashboard back online (only the weather tile missing) and all my devices ticking like clockwork. Keep up the good work.


Hello Alex!  I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work on this.

I've switched everything over to HE with ActionTiles, and I'm loving it.

I purposely haven't tinkered or messed with anything for two whole weeks, and everything is running beautifully!!

No more dealing with the daily "downs" of ST is a beautiful thing.

So, thank you for all of your hard work on this!!

I have just finished moving from Smartthings.

I am now having problems with my Hubs suddenly slowing down, Z wave devices not responding and Action Tiles not updating, especially but not exclusively when devices are linked through Hub Mesh.

I use Webcore for pretty much everything and yes I do have several HEM's but they are set up to transmit once a minute and that seems to be happening OK.

Looking at my Runtime Stats for Apps, Action Tiles seems to be way too high.

Does this level of traffic look right to you for about 170 devices

I also see these errors in the log!

Is it possible to remove and reinstall Action tiles without losing all my panels?

Will that help at all?


Yes, it's alright to uninstall the ActionTiles connector app without losing your panels. Once the app is reinstalled, tiles will be restored.

ActionTiles is entirely cloud dependent, so each event results in a message sent to the ActionTiles Cloud.

How is your internet connection? The errors in the log indicated that our servers could not be reached. When this happens, you will also notice that the tiles do not update.


I have just tried to re-install and re-link Action Tiles on my C7 hub after what you said but it doesn't work. Everything remains disconnected.

I suspect it's something else on my Hub, but I am just reporting this in case you have any other suggestions.

I have restored from Yesterday's backup so my Hub is partially functional again anyway although very slow.

You may need to re-initialize the app by opening ActionTiles > My Hubs > Your Hub > and tap this button:

At this point, the ActionTiles/Hubitat integration is deemed stable. If there are any issues, they are likely related to the hub itself. Please open a private ticket and provide your hub information.

Tried that yesterday and same issue persisted. Tried just now and getting error: 504 -- went back to the AT app on the HE hub and pressed done and that error 504 went away but the Hub Error: eventSubscrptions remains. I don't see anyway to debug this on my side either.

I've been an ActionTiles user for SmartThings forever, but the other day I pulled everything out of ST. How can I get on the ActionTiles Hubitat beta?


Add a new location in AT and choose Hubitat as the option. From there, link HE and bring devices over.


Thanks, Avi! I am back up and running on AT via HE! This is beautiful again. Thank you AT team!

Getting this error -- Hub Error: eventSubscrptions

There are several potential causes, probably due to connectivity issues with the hub itself.

Try to re-initialize the app by clicking this button under My Hubs > Select Hub

If this does not resolve your error, please open a private ticket and provide your hub details.

I just made the switch from Smartthings to Hubitat yesterday, and so far mostly good with rebuilding my AT pages. 

Saw a few people mention this above, and some with workarounds using a virtual switch instead of a virtual button, but I wanted to bring it up again since it may be an issue across the board. I created a couple virtual buttons, and although they show up in list of devices in AT, they do not show up as an available tile to add. Were you able to fix this for folks that reported the problem previously? Sure, I could create a virtual switch and have it turn back off after some period of time, but a button fits the use better.

I have a similar issue.  More Alexa related.  With Alexa you can't hook devices FROM Alexa to Hubitat.  So the workaround has been to set up a virtual switch in ST to change the state in Alexa.  Because Alexa can't use a virtual switch in automations, you use a motion sensor instead.  However when I do this in HE, I can control it in HE devices, but when I add it to AT I can't tap on the tile to turn it on or off.  AT see it as a motion sensor and will not allow a toggle on or off.  Absolutely love the HE implementation.  I have everything I need. 

One thing you might find useful is using a virtual lock in Hubitat. It is an interesting device because a lock is both a switch (you can lock and unlock the virtual device with a command). However, the virtual lock can also report its status (locked or unlocked). Thus, it acts as both a switch and a sensor. This makes it useful for Hubitat, Alexa, and Actiontiles.

I just realized it says my trial has expired.  Is there something I can do to fix this?  I own an ST license but this is my HT demo location.

Please purchase and apply a License Key to view Tiles linked to this Location. To transfer a License from another Location to this replacement Location/Hub, use the  () page.

Thank-you for exploring ActionTiles.
Please email Support@ActionTiles.com if you have questions, feedback, or are hesitating to purchase for any reason.

Alex told me a while ago to ignore this message for now.  I check occasionally to see if the option to purchase a license for Hubitat is available.

Please ignore this message, for now. This message only appears on license details page. Otherwise, the message does not interfere with your use of ActionTiles.

Once Hubitat Elevation licenses are available for purchase, there will be advanced notice before a standard 14-day trial period begins.

We need to resolve some administrative issues before licenses can be sold. Otherwise, the HE integration is stable, so enjoy your prolonged trial period.

Thanks Alex for the response.  I will look closer as my Hubitat devices are now showing invalid in AT.  ST devices are fine.  HT device does work in HT console, just not in AT.  I did make sure it was authorized.  You can see below anything flagged with HT is  Hubitat.  The rest is from SmartThings.  Ecobee is Hubitat as well.  temp and setting is incorrect.

Please open a private support ticket and provide details about your issues.

funny thing.  when i went back after that screen shot it all started working.  oh well. thanks!

Getting the same thing. and this  Hour later And I just checked and it's back up. 

Is there an issue with AT right now?

Nothing is updating on the tiles, and I'm seeing this in HE:

What is INIT?  Initializing?

Also, when I try to update subscriptions, on either HE or ST, nothing happens.

I'm seeing similar, HE devices not updating on AT.

Same here too, I was working on earlier today, and it was fine

FYI, my tiles (SmartThings) aren't updating, either. I'm guessing the last update was sometime during the mid-afternoon (PDT).


Same here and same time. (SmartThings) .  I did the following with no help. Open a ticket.

        *  Reset SmartThings Hub

  • Open the SmartThings mobile app, select Automations, scroll down to SmartApps. Toggle ActionTiles app OFF and then back ON.
  • Open the SmartThings mobile app, select Automations, scroll down to SmartApps, select ActionTiles. Tap Done.
  • Open My Locations / Hubs page in ActionTiles. Tap the (+) button. Authenticate with SmartThings and tap the Authorize button.
  • Open My Locations / Hubs page in ActionTiles, select your Location / Hub. Tap "Update event subscriptions, device names and modes".
  • Sign in to account.SmartThings.com. Select My Locations, Select your Location, select List SmartApps. Find ActionTiles V6 (Connect) in the list and tap Update.

> I did the following....

Yep, I followed the same steps, with no change. I opened a ticket, too.


This is on the ActionTiles side, because everything else is working fine: Hubitat, webCoRE, EchoSpeaks....  ActionTiles will not let me update subscriptions to either Hubitat or SmartThings.

I am getting INIT as well.  Started a few hours ago.  I opened a ticket.

Working for me now. Did an update of event subscriptions in AT. Status now shows Active.

I'm experiencing the same outage/disconnect again now between AT and HE.  Opened a ticket...

There's no outage, Corey. If there's a problem, it must be unique to your hub. I'm responding privately to your ticket.

After several updates recently to the Hubitat Elevation firmware, I noted that  a number of my Actiontiles panel tiles were not syncing properly withe the actual devices in Hubitat. I opened the Actiontiles Locations/Hubs page and clicked on the icon to update the event subscriptions, device names and modes. Ever since doing that, things seem to be working normally. I just thought I would post this in case anyone else had a similar issue.

This process is now automated. All hubs are synchronized approximately every 12 hours.

Since there has not been any significant activity in this portion of the forum for a while, I wondered if development for the Hubitat integration is still active. I have been using Actiontiles with Hubitat since mid-April.  The functionality with Hubitat seems to be similar to that with Smartthings. 

What can we expect in the coming months?

Since two days have passed without any response to my post, I guess the answer to my question is that we should not hold our breath waiting for progress.

All activity on support channel is triaged. Open-ended, general questions usually receive lower degree of urgency.

Hubitat Safety Monitor is one important Hubitat-specific feature that's currently missing. Also, Weather Tile is required for feature parity with SmartThings.

These two features are under development and their release will be aligned with Hubitat's firmware release schedule.

During the past several months, most development effort was invested in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades to insure business continuity. We made significant back-end changes without any downtime, in most cases.

Taking the Hubitat integration out of Beta requires significant administrative overhead, which will be our focus in the coming couple of month.

Thanks for the update. Since activity on this thread has been absent for a while, I was beginning to wonder if development had stopped. I like Actiontiles and it does what I want it to do. However, I was wondering if I needed to start moving everything over to Hubit Dashboard. I will hang in there a while longer.

will we be able to move existing smart thing licences over to HE or will we be required to purchase new?

SmartThings licenses are not transferable to Hubitat. We permit a reasonable number of Location License Key transfers due to a hub malfunction. Please refer to this article for more information.


Is registration closed now? I can't find a link to register for the Beta, and the "Buy Now" section seems to only have the Smartthings version...

No registration is necessary. Everyone is welcome to install ActionTiles for Hubitat. Hubitat integration is currently in Beta, no license required.