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iFrame size larger than 6x6

Richard Kane 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I'd like to be able to choose a larger iFrame tile size that 6x6.  Is there a reason it is limited to that max dimension?

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How big of a tile do you need, Richard?

I currently have a use case for a 13x10 (WxH) but could see needing even bigger in the near future if I get a larger touch screen set up.  Is there a reason it needs to be limited?  If I wanted a dashboard on a 40" screen with a 75x75 tile iFrame...does that break things on the backend?  The issue I see here is the relationship between tile 'size', dashboard 'size', and overall display resolution.  There's a fair bit of tweaking that goes into getting it just right so everything hits the edges and looks clean (as you're well aware of I'm sure).


The only issue with allowing arbitrary tile size is that there's a bug in the layout engine that makes tiles disappear if they are bugger than the width of the screen. The limitation of maximum 6x tiles size was imposed to reduce issues with smaller screen sizes.

I understand your use case. I have to think about this...

Makes sense.

Much appreciated, love the platform, thank you for all the hard work!