A way to display custom messages

Christine 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 1

I'm just now revisiting Actiontiles (I checked out other dashboards about 5 years ago and gave up on it).

I'm absolutely loving actiontiles and the possibilities with outside the box thinking to display what I want.

I need help with a way to implement custom messages.  My idea is to have a virtual switch called "warnings" that will light up (switch on) via webcore when a "warning" is detected with webcore automation.  I then want to display any active warnings and potentially color code them for how urgent they are.  Examples would be "leak sensor detected water under the aquarium" or "server room temperature is 90 degrees" would be very urgent.  "Temperature is above 80 in the guest room" - not as urgent as the AC might be turned off or the door is closed.

The idea is to have the possibility of 0, 1, or multiple warnings displayed at once.

Some ideas to achieve this:

1.) Have a panel called "warnings" that has to be opened.  Within the Panel have a virtual switch per type of warning.  

This would be very annoying creating a virtual switch per issue that could happen.  I would then need to create a webcore routine that triggered each switch at the right time, then disable the switch when the issue is resolved.

I have already created this concept for my Roomba robot for when it gets "stuck" but I don't look forward to having to create virtual switches for all other types of warnings.

2.) Have webcore write to some file that can be display through an iframe.  This would be similar to the request for log history/actions.

This would require the ability for either webcore or IFTTT to add then remove entries after the issue is resolved from some type of file, along with correct formatting.

3.) Combination of #1 and #2 above.  I could create a warnings panel and within the panel have common types of warnings that light up like Water Sensor, temperature, garage door left open and kitty sneaking out.  I could then use option #2 to give more details on which device and more details on the issue.

To give you an idea of the size of potential warnings/issues that could come up and how much we use smart devices we have about 120 devices installed (that is not counting virtual devices) through smartthings.  When you add in alexa and other hubs/bridges we have a lot more.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

(I plan to post pictures of my display in the gallery soon, still messing around with them).


Hi Christine,

There's currently no out of box way to do this. However there are some workarounds you may consider.

One idea that came to my mind is to use WebCore to write lines to Google Sheet and then add that sheet to ActionTiles as an iFrame tile.