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WebCORE piston call SHTM not delaying

Bryan Mack 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 1

I have a WebCORE piston that executes properly if I "Test" the piston in WebCORE, but if I execute it via a button in Actiontiles, it doesn't perform as expected. It is regarding a virtual switch that sets the SHTM to "away" mode. I want it to delay 180 seconds. The WebCORE piston is as such:

With virtual switch
Wait 180 Seconds
Set virtual switch to "On"

So when I "test" the piston, it does this. I set up a shortcut in actiontiles to the piston, and put a button on my panel. When I press the button, it doesn't process the line that waits 180 seconds. Pretty stumped as to why. I've confirmed it's pointing to the correct piston.

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This problem is not likely due to ActionTiles. ActionTiles does not care what is on the other end of that switch. If you can confirm that the switch is updated properly and it's state is synchronized between SmartThings and ActionTiles, then the problem is most likely with you piston.