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DAKboard Issues

Gerry Chiariello 4 years ago updated by HOWARD LA 4 years ago 8

I have 4 panels in my home running actiontiles with fully and DAKboard as screensaver.  Today, instead of screensaver from DAKboard, all my panels default to DAKboards home screen instead of the free screensaver.  Any ideas? Did the address of the screensaver move?  Trying to fix this.

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Check whether your DAKboard session expired or whether there are any changes on the DAKboard side...

After looking over everything last night, it looks like either Fully changed the url for my screensaver or DAKboard did, because I had to re-enter the full address into each tablet’s version of Fully to get everything back.  

I have the same problem on all my panels. I've tried re-loading DAKs url which didn't help. Any other thoughts?

I had a free custom URL which was changed by Fully to DAK’s generic URL - once I replaced it back to the custom URL everything worked.

I've tried different DAK URL's with the same results:


Sometimes it goes to my screen for a short time then goes to a custom select for a cart purchase.

if you customize the predefined screen (free) it should generate a separate - and long- URL.  That’s what worked for me.

Thank you for your help!, I found the personal URL was only listed under the individual account data tab at the left part of the screen. Not in the address bar of the predefind screen.

Also you must delete "Screensaver Playlist" in Fully.