Bloomsky -Current image Display- Was working great, but recently stopped working

bd0g 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 1

I have been able to display and update the current sky view from my Bloomsky Weather station / Camera for quite some time within a Media Dashboard tile.  I used the custom php script and it is located on a free hosting webserver. I set the update interval to 900 seconds as I think the Bloomsky image updates every 5 minutes or so. I can no longer display the image within a tile . I CAN display the image using the latest version of the Chrome Browser using this URL http://bloomsky.rf.gd/bloomSkyLatest.php

What I used to have to do upon initial ActionTiles Dashboard loading was to visit the URL for the BloomSky image directly within the Google Browser and then choose Update to allow the image to be displayed within the Dashboard tiles.  If I use that method now it will show the latest image via the browser , but not within ActionTiles.

I confirmed that when the above image URL is used as any image source, the resource errors out, apparently on Bloomsky side. Does anyone have a solution or a workaround?