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Tile that isn't a binary switch?

Donnie Iorio 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 1

Hey everyone!

I recently bought a new washer and dryer that are Wifi Connected and integrate with IFTTT.  Here's what I want to do:

IFTTT Trigger for End of Washer Cycle -> Turns on Virtual Switch: WASHER DONE

IFTTT Trigger for Start of Dryer Cycle -> Turns off Virtual Switch: WASHER DONE

IFTTT Trigger for End of Dryer Cycle -> Turns on Virtual Switch: CLOTHES READY

Smart Button Push -> Turns off Virtual Switch: CLOTHES READY

So I know how I could integrate this in AT with two tiles, one for Washer Done, one for Clothes Ready... but is there an option to create a virtual switch that has three options? (I could customize the status' in DH - so there could be a 'WASHER DONE', 'CLOTHES READY', and a null option"

Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Thanks everyone!

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In the past there was some custom rolled switch DTH that had states other than ON/OFF.

Switch tile will display the status text if it encounters any unexpected state. I'm not sure if the new Mobile app supports this though...