Pollen count Tile that would show Pollen Count including decimals

Jon Stolz 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I am trying to convert the Pollen Count number from a Pollen count Device Handler to a Lux number through use of Webcore. The reason for this is I want to have my Actiontiles have a tile that displays the Pollen count in a Decimals format, not just a whole number. Actiontiles does not have a Pollen Count capability, but it does have illuminance.

I already have converted the Pollen Count index measurement to a temperature capability, and that is displayed on my Dashboard as a whole number with the degrees symbol BUT that only gives me a whole number, no decimals.

Any way to convert the Pollen Count to any kind of Virtual Device which does display decimals? Either through webcore or some other means?


Hi Jon,

Power and Energy tiles also display decimals.

Could you share how you are creating virtual devices that display arbitrary values from webcore?

There was a request to hide units from tiles that display measurements. This will be rolled out next week. This will help you to display your tiles more cleanly.

For Pollen Count I am using Webcore :  PollenCount is the device from the device handler  {SimTemp} the variable SimulatedPollen the device so it can be used in ActionTiles as a tile

xSet Variable {SimTemp} = PollenCount index

Capture attributes index to local state SimulatedPollen's temperature

With that said: Can Actiontiles just create a Device Handler or simulated tile or virtual tile that allows for a number without saying lux or degree symbol etc. where the user can just create a virtual device that captures the data from whatever, and display the capability in an Actiontile tile that the user just types in the Custom Tile Header?  I am hoping that is what you meant in your post from July 1. 

I am also doing the same thing with Air Quality from PurpleAir.  I change it's attribute to Lux which if there was a virtual tile that allows for just a number, I would do that instead of transforming the number to Lux.

Thanks for all your efforts in Actiontiles, love this program!