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Panel Flicker

Bryan Mack 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 2

Admittedly, this is unlikely to be an issue with AT itself. My tablet is actually a webpage. On this webpage I use iframes. 2 of the iframes (top-left and middle) are actiontiles panels. The upper-right is my google calendar, and the bottom is a sports ticket. I don't use screen saver. I get a random flicker across the page constantly. It's hard to explain, so here is a link of a video: 


Any ideas? I can't get the HTML to post, but it's as basic as can be.

Ugh, the HTML didn't post properly, sorry
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I don't know, Bryan...

Have you tried to replace iFrames one by one with other pages to isolate the problem?