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ActionTiles not Loggin In

Ratman482 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I have been using Fire Tablet with for my home automation with ActionTile and the Fully Kiosk Browser for some time.  Although I have had many problems in the past (freezes about 1 time per month) they were working regularly for some time.  Recently, I started having the problem every day of the tablet not being logged into ActionTiles and just 'parked' at the start URL (ActionTiles).  This is seen in the morning after the tablet goes into power save mode after the time I have setup.  Before, this would work as expect, turning back on at the set time (6AM) with the screensaver.  When motion detected, it would show the Live Panel in ActionTiles.  Now, it just shows the ActionTiles Login and you must press 'Login' and then it will go to the Panel screen where you can select the Live Panel.  Is there a reason for this - is this something anyone else is experiencing?  Any ideas on how to fix?  Thanks.

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Make sure that any setting in Fully that clears cookies or web storage is not enabled. When cookies are cleared, a new session is required.

thanks for the reply. I’ve never had the settings to clear cache or delete cookies enabled. I ended up changing the start URL to https://app.actiontiles.com/panel/MYPANEL and this seemed to work.  Although I get another problems sometimes.  Thanks. 


If you Start URL used to be https://app.actiontiles.com/login, then indeed it will force you to login. If the Start URL used to be https://app.actiontiles.com/ , but you still lost your session, then the issue is something else.

I have never came across this issue on the attached image!? Does the tile content become visible if you reload the page?


I have 2 tablets - the first was okay and then the other was the one with the problem.  Yes - once I refreshed the page it was fine.  However, this was a pain as you must enter password and then refresh start URL.  We will see how this works, but at least it is not sitting at the ActionTile login first thing in the morning!  Thanks.