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Blue Iris single stream URLs broken in latest BI version

Ali Naqvi 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 13

For anyone who is wondering why the single-stream URLs that you are using from your BI web server have been crashing your BI, they seem to have broken that functionality in the last few releases. 

My single stream URLs that I was using e.g. http://192.168.1.*:82/mjpg/Cam5/video.mjpg&user=username&password=password 

started crashing BI. Regardless of how I was accessing (through a web browser or through actiontiles).. it just crashed it every single time.

The BI version I was using was This is the latest release from the 2nd of May 2020. I reverted back to a release from April and it works again.

I recently updated my streams and BI to support sub-streams to control the CPU usage, It seems like the new release had some improvements for the webserver and they inadvertently broke previous single camera stream functionality. THe new release has very good improvements for when you access BI through the main server URL and port.. it would stream substream and transcode to the main stream so you get the best of both worlds through the webserver.. i love that, however it broke my much needed single stream URLs that I love seeing on actiontiles.

Anyway, long story short, if you are confused about whats going on, I found the bug. 

I have now emailed support informing of this bug and I would urge you all to do the same so that we can get single stream URLs working again for action tiles.

I am new to actiontiles.  Trying to get link to BlueIris working.  I am on BI release  I setup an account with no PW (LAN only) to try to get this to work, but AI keeps telling me it is not a valid URL?  If I cut and past the same URL to a Chrome tab, it works?  See screen shot of AT setup:

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Double check the URL? It looks like there's an extra space there before 'user'...

I copied and pasted the same URL to both an AT shortcut and to a media tile (as above).  The short cut works, opening a browser window (but only if I logon to BlueIris from that browser first and select "auto logon").  The media tile always shows "invalid URL".  I am guessing that BlueIris can tell a call from a web browser page directly and from an embedded call.  I also assume that AT actually tests the URL for a valid response when it is created and gives the above message if it does not receive a video stream back?

It is technically possible for a server to return different response whether the request is comping from a browser window or as an image source. I can't imagine why Blue Iris would start doing this. BI is a very popular software for ActionTiles users. So far there are no other reports of this issue...

As you mentioned @TheLad, paste the BI link (you had above) into Chrome or Edge Chromium (enter your credentials).  BI now wants those before it will give you access, then right click on the image and select Copy Image Link.  The link is completely different now.  Paste the new link into ActionTiles and it holds for me.  Not sure if it will eventually time out or not yet.

Scratch that, it is not persistent among all of my devices...it doesn't work on my Amazon Fire tablets.

I tried it on my laptop, and it seemed to work, but as you said, when I went to another device, it did not work.  Have you seen the thread on IP Cam Talk regard RTSP streams from BI?  


I upgraded BI to version 3.6 and used the link below in VLC to successfully stream the video, but that same link does not work for an embedded media file on AT?


That's because the web browser doesn't know what to do with an RTSP stream.

See first post in the string, I first tried a http link, it works as an AT shortcut but not as a media link in a tile?

Got this to work with help from another user at IP CamTalk.  Have to turn off security at BI WebServer, Advanced, and choose secure access for non-LAN only.  This is the URL I used to get a display in a media tile:

http://192.168.1.xxx:yy/image/[cam short name]/?=50&s=100

Could maintain BleuIris security if AT is enhanced to support RTSP.

ActionTiles is not able to display RTSP video streams. This is a limitation of the modern browsers.