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tesla add app to Action Tiles?

Lynn 4 years ago updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 9
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Hi Lynn,

What's your question? Do you want to add Tesla to ActionTiles or ActionTiles to Tesla?

Hint: you can do both!

I would like to add Tesla to actionTiles, how do we do this?

I have a Tesla WALL and I would like to add that to my Action Tiles acct

Hi Alex,

I would like to add the Tesla Wall App to Action Tiles and would appreciate your suggestions   thank you!

Lynn, I'm not familiar with Tesla Wall. Does it already integrate with SmartThings?

Not that I am aware of BTW, the Tesla App is the same for the Tesla Wall as it is for the Tesla cars...does that info help?

I don't believe that Tesla has an official integration with SmartThings.

There were attempts by SmartThings community to develop something, I'm not sure how successful they are.


Hi Alex, this integration works well, the only thing in AT that doesnt seem to work is the control of the thermostat, i can only display the temperature. I'm not familiar enough with the way AT works with ST but i assume it has something to do with the naming of capabilities, is this correct? 

These are the capabilities from the tesla DTH, there are references to Themostat mode in both the DTH as well as the smartapp. 

capability "Actuator"
capability "Battery"
capability "Geolocation"
capability "Lock"
capability "Motion Sensor"
capability "Presence Sensor"
capability "Refresh"
capability "Temperature Measurement"
capability "Thermostat Mode"
capability "Thermostat Setpoint"


I will look into thermostat capability. Thermostat integration is very messy in general...