Shortcut tile to open the Lync whole-house audio control app

Levahj 4 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by Systematix 4 years ago 1

Installing a  Lync whole house A/V system along with Smartthings in a new home.  Using ActionTiles GUI's on iPads in three main rooms - Master Bdrm, Kitchen & Family room.   Needed an ActionTile shortcut tile to open the Lync app in iOS but there was nothing anywhere in the internet on how to do it.   When I tried the Lync:// URL it opened the Skype app!   Microsoft Lync was the name of their videoconferencing before they purchased Skype.  And they never bothered to change the name of the link. 

Called Lync customer service to see if there was another URL and he discussed with the app developer and called back in 15 minutes. Fantastic customer service!  He shared the both the iOS link and Android links and I wanted to pass on to whomever might need this as well:

IOS URL: lyncCustomUrlScheme:\\

Android URL: org.htdlync2.app

Hi Levahj would you happen to have the url for the Harmony app? I have tried harmony:// but cant seem to get it to launch the harmony app from within my panels, your help will be greatly appreciated.