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“Connecting” message appears weekly

Gerry Chiariello 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

I have 4 wall mounted Kindle Fire 8s running ActionTiles with FullyKiosk browser and DAK Board sleep screen.  In the past month, one or two of the panels will show “connecting” while the others are fine. I have had this setup for a year with few issues.  This “connecting” screen issue however is recurring on a weekly basis.  I see there was a prior thread on this that is now closed, but I am curious if there is any solution other than returning to home screen and logging back in.  Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi Garry,

A more convenient way to restart the app is to tap the spinning tile icon. We implemented additional measures to keep connection active, but it's not bullet proof. It's a hard problem to diagnose due to external factors. 

I personally have literally never experienced this problem and it doesn't occur that often, considering the total number of clients. We have a plan to try to reboot the app periodically in attempt to refresh the connection.


Ok, thanks!

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