Link to panel from Thing

Chuoi Tieu 4 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by KamHouse 4 years ago 1

Dear all,

I'm a new ActionTiles user and I like it very much. I have a situation that needs your help. I have about 10 door open/close sensors and I don't want to have all of them in the home screen. Instead, I created a simulated open/close sensor and created an automation to monitor status of all physical sensors. For example, when one of the physical sensors opens, the simulated state will be set to open and when all of the physical sensors close, the simulated state will be set to closed.

I place all physical sensors in a separate panel and the simulated in the home panel. How can I link the simulated tile to the panel with physical sensors, so when I see the open state of the simulated sensor, I can click on it and it takes me to the panel with physical sensors?

At the very least you should be able to put a button right beside your simulated tile that takes you to the dedicated panel.