Harmony Hub understanding...

patrickprinehart 5 years ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 0

Now I’m aware that this is not an ActionTiles related issue.  However, I am not fully understanding how the process between an IR Device < Harmony Hub < SmartThings < Actiontiles process works.

I have an electronic fireplace that has an IR remote that is setup and working with Harmony Hub and SmartThings.  When using the Harmony Controller App on an IOS device the fireplace will function as normal.

I added a Harmony Switch for this fireplace into ActionTiles and it was working as desired.  However, sometimes it seems that ActionTiles won’t always work when I try to turn the fireplace on or off.  It’s a hit or miss issue.

Like I stated, I know this is not an issue with ActionTiles but more with SmartThings and it’s control of the device.  However, I haven’t made an attempt to control the fireplace directly from SmartThings since I always tend to use Actiontiles.

Any idea what is causing the interference?  How do these devices need to be setup to all work together?  Just started the process of adding IR remotes.  

Sorry for the post on this message board, I just feel you guys are more understanding of what I am trying to accomplish then the basic SmartThings Forum members would be willing to assist with.