Arbitrary Target window/frame ID option for Shortcut Tiles

Orange Bucket 6 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 0

The Shortcut Tile settings currently allow a choice between 'Open shortcut in a new window', 'Open shortcut in the same window' and 'Open shortcut in a dialog within the Panel'. The first two are essentially HTML targets '_blank' and '_self'. However what I'd find more useful than either is to be able to type in my own choice of target id. Here are my usage examples:

When using a web application the 'new window' option fires up a separate fully featured browser window so being able to use the 'same window' has some appeal on occasions. However I display panels side by side in a frameset so I would need to break out of the frames. If I could choose my own id I would be able to have '_top' and achieve this. A variation would be to be able to reuse one of the other frames already on screen as the target.

I also use multiple shortcuts to link to things like arrival times at different bus stops. In this case a separate browser running can be quite useful. However what I don't need is a separate new window or tab every time. I would like to be able reuse the same tab or window. If I could choose my own id I could have e.g. 'buses' and then the same window would be used every time.

So my request is to add an option to the Tile Settings for the Shortcut Tile to allow an arbitrary target id to be typed in.