Best Value Android Tablet?

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So I have a few iPads around the house and one of them are built-in on the wall in my living room.

Unfortunately this is an iPad 1 and turning on a light switch lags, so obviously I need a new device.

I am interested in switching this to an Android in order to use Fully Kiosk and I was wondering if anyone could recommend the cheapest 9.6" Android tablet that still is fast enough to where you don't feel like turning on a light switch has a little lag... like my latest iPad... super fast and smooth.

Please share you recommendations below!


I struggle with deciding on what tablet to use.  I've had an ipad air 2 for a while but wanted to try a fire tablet in order to use things like Fully, motion detection, LanAnnouncer, etc (unavailable for the ipads unless jailbroken maybe?).  I tried using a Fire 7 with fire os, Fire 7 with custom ROM, and a Fire 8 with fire os.  But I find myself coming back to the ipad for the speed, but then get frustrated at the lack of customization.  I understand most people will say that Fire tablets are fine for ActionTiles, but I also have multiple app shortcuts to Harmony, Spotify, Honeywell, etc.  Those tablets take way too long switching between apps, and still seem sluggish overall.  I have not tried a Fire 10 to see if they are any faster.  I also can't afford to put an ipad air in 3-4 locations around the house...

I feel you. The Android tablets I've used just aren't as fast as an iPad. 

I'm in the same boat.  I have a fire tablet and it may do most of the things I want with Fully I want a tablet that is a bit faster and I can at least root it so I can really lock it down to just the console as needed.  I have an iPad2 and its just painfully slow to do anything on and any other iPad is just too expensive.

The best pad I have is latest iPad Generation (not pro) and it's super responsive and smooth. I also have a Galaxy Tab ($159) and it's just not the same feel. I don't understand how tablets can be that slow to were web apps lag... I mean it's 2018.


On the Galaxy Tab, it is worth experimenting with a non-Chromium engine browser, such as Firefox, Opera, or several others. They may be faster, but may have other drawbacks though...