v6.7.2 Tile sizes cause Panel size & scroll bars

parac 7 years ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 4

Something with the tile size is a bit "broken" for me with the update. My tiles used to fill up the screen almost completely without a scroll bar showing up. Now I have to have more than a full tile height of empty space in order for the scroll bar to go away. It does the same thing in Chrome and Firefox on windows 10

Image 1431
approx half tile height empty space on bottom and scroll bar is still there

Image 1432

more than full tile height empty for scroll bar to go away

Waiting for Customer

Hi Parac,

We've just deployed the final hotfix for this release which included an update to the Custom Tile Size input for Panel Style.

Have you been able to find a Tile Size and/or Tile Size + Tile Spacing that resolves your issue?

Yeah, I think it is good now. The tablet I originally had the problem on died so I haven't been able to test the original scenario exactly, but it looks like it works correctly full screen on my regular computer. Thanks for the quick update.


You're welcome! That's great news.

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