Spotify, Fully Kiosk and AT

Neil Kaye 6 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by Daniel Grønbek 5 years ago 4

Hi seems like i've hit a dead end:

Ideally I would like to have URL tiles point to a playlist in spotify and start playing.

The perfect setup for me is to us Fully browser which unfortunately does not support Spotify. Chrome does but then there are issues with waking and full browser mode.

Has anyone had any luck using Tasker to launch apps in Fully kiosk?

For my problem i guess the sequence would be; when specific tile is tapped in FK it launches the spotify app. I can then navigate the spotify app and when I push the back button in the tablet  tasker pushes me back to FK



This is working perfectly with the new intent Fully capabilities around whitelisting apps and exposing Intent URLs.
See this thread

You need to turn on "Open URL Schemes in Other Apps", under "Web Content Settings" as well as adding the app to the whitelist on "Kiosk Mode settings"

So we can configure the back button in the fire to back to the url we want? Like back to home actiontiles home panel?

The issue  is with the kindle fire is:(

I know this is a bit stretched but, I have it working with a AT tile activating, ST momentary button, which is connected to IFTTT and onwards to Homey that kicks of a flow that plays a specific Spotify playlist on my Sonos speakers... I got to this as I wanted to have pre-defined buttons on AT that controls my Sonos speakers, and found this was working.