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Two tablets sharing one panel

Amr4packrz 7 years ago updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 5

I currently have two tablets sharing one account and using one panel between both. Previous to the License Key integration both were working properly without any issues. Now for some reason one of the tablets will load and work for a little bit and then be non responsive. I have noticed that the time on the one panel that is non responsive is a couple hours off also when i restart the app. Do I need to create a separate panel for this tablet? Not too sure why it was working previously.

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Thanks for sharing the observation, and we have posted this here in case there's something going on that others experience... but there is no obvious explanation for this behavior.

There's no technical limit (within reason...) to the number of browsers that can concurrently view the same Panel.

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Are you using two similar tablets to display the Panel? Or are they different manufacturer or operating system?


I have sorta the same issue but was blaming it in the tablet itself. Been trying to determine a pattern to figure out what might be happening. They are both android tablets, different brands. 1 10", 1 8". The small one is running 5.1, the big one running 4.2. The small one is older and it is the one messing up. Due to the age is why I think it might be the tablet itself.

I figured it out. I was using an app to hide the system bar at the bottom of the screen and force full screen mode, and it was causing the screen to freeze after a couple of minutes. My tablets are two different brand tablets. Full screen mode in action tiles settings only holds the full screen view until the screen goes into sleep mode. My tablet is motion activated, and as soon as motion is detected and powers itself back on the system bar shows.

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