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Hide and show hub tiles depending on the status?

matoza 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Is it possible to hide and show hub tiles depending on the status?

I have about 15 contact sensors (doors and windows) and I only want to see doors and windows that are open.

For me this is a quite basic function but I can't find any simular in the knowledge base. 

Is it possible to configure any functionallity based on status?

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When you say hide and show tiles, do you want the grid to be recalculated with tiles taking up vacant spots?

At the moment, you could achieve hiding tiles by creating a custom theme and configure it to have transparent colors for one Tile Intention. This, however, will make the tiles disappear while with the remaining tiles stay in their previous position.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I was hoping to find a way to only show "open" doors and windows in a limited amount of space and the grid will automatically be recalculated.

Is this on your ToDo list for 2021 or is it not a priority feature?