Tip to find URLs to open iOS Apps from a shortcut tile - Iconical app

John Williamson 3 years ago in Shortcut Tiles 0

I'm new to Action Tiles and  I've been testing it on an old iPad (works with my Hikvision cameras which use admin:password in the url whereas Android, Fire, Fully won't)

I thought I'd share a tip for other iOS users with regard to app URL shortcuts.  I searched high and low on the internet for an easy way to retrieve these url's the way you can using Fully on Android but could find nothing of use.  Then I came across a suggestion to use the app Iconical.  It's used to make customised icons for your iOS apps but in doing so it reveals the url shortcuts needed.  You leave it scanning your installed apps, which takes some time as it compares them with around 130,000 in their database.  You can then click the test button next to the suggestion to see whether it works/goes to the correct app (some are found as random unknown apps but click them anyway to check which app they're associated with). If it works and opens the app you want you can then just read off and note down the url for use in your shortcut tile.  Perfect and well worth 2.99.