Registered for ActionTiles App Account but haven't received verification link?

Please note: This KB isn't about signing up for our ActionTiles News email list and Invitation Code Requests. This KB is for verifications of the ActionTiles Account you Register for from the web-app login page, using your Invitation Code.

Email verification is processed by our login authentication provider and will usually arrive at your mailbox within a few seconds.

On Sat 3/5, verifications were delayed up to a few hours. We are investigating.

Emails will come from:

Be sure to check your spam folder and whitelist this sender address in your email client if necessary (such as adding it to your Contacts list).

If you have not received a Verification Link message, or perhaps lost it, or if it is expired, you can trigger a new Verification Email (for your existing registered unverified Account login):

1. Visit and attempt to login. You will require your email and password. If the credentials match, then you will be prompted with an option to resend your verification email:

2. If you don't have your password, you can attempt the FORGOT PASSWORD option instead.

3. If neither option works, then perhaps you input the wrong email address (or made a typo) when you registered. Please contact if you need to have your Invitation Code reset. Please include your email address and the Invitation Code(s) you used.

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