Can SmartThings Scenes be added as Tiles?

SmartThings has not provided SmartApps (like ActionTiles) the ability to directly Activate (trigger or call) a Scene (yet?).

Easy Workaround!

The easy workaround is to create a trivial "cover-Routine" for each one of your Scenes and have it do nothing but just Activate the Scene. Perhaps name these Routines "aScene scene name" or "zScene scene name" so they are all grouped alphabetically in your Routines List.

You can then use these "Scene Routines" like any Routine:

  • As a Routines (plural) List Tile
  • and/or Individual Routine Tile(s)

Just like a Routine, a Scene is a "momentary push button". It does not change state when you tap it. There is no "Scene On" / "Scene Off". A Scene is "activated" just as a Routine is "executed".

If SmartThings opens up a direct API to Scenes, we would make them their own new special Tile Type... though they would act the same as Routine Tiles anyway. We would just give them different default icons!

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