SmartThings Personal Access Token

Personal Access Tokens are unique authentication keys that allow 3rd party apps, like ActionTiles, to pull data from your SmartThings account or execute commands on your behalf.

Follow these steps to create a new PAT:

  1. Login to using your Samsung account.
  2. Select Generate New Token.
  3. Name it "ActionTiles PAT" or similar.
  4. Check off the two Scenes scopes (See all scenes, Control this scene). Only the Scene scopes are required at this time.
  5. Copy your new personal access token now. It is only displayed once. You won't be able to see it again!
  6. Return to ActionTiles, select My Locations / Hubs, then select your Location.
  7. Find the Scenes Card towards the top of the page and select Enter Personal Access Token.

Some facts about PAT:

  • ActionTiles will securely store PAT. Once the token is saved, it will never be shown to the end user again.
  • PAT can be revoked/deleted at any time at
  • PAT can be removed from ActionTiles, but it will not be invalidated.
  • Granular control over permissions is achieved by granting specific scopes to the PAT.
  • Once a PAT is created, its scopes cannot be modified. Create a new PAT if you need to upgrade or downgrade its permissions.
  • One PAT can be used across your SmartThings account if you have several Locations. However, we recommend to create one PAT per Location for granularity.
  • At the time of Writing, ActionTiles only requires the Scenes scope.

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