SmartTiles v5.8 April 2017 "Invalid Token" Error

As there have been a few (but not a lot) of reports of this, we are directing folks to the SmartThings Community Topic for SmartTiles v5.8, starting with the Post linked below, where we are exploring and discussing the issue.

There is a possible workaround for SmartTiles below.

Possible Workaround for creating Launcher URL from a SmartTiles Dashboard

.1. Goto

.2. Select and Open your Location.

.3. Note your shard ID in the URL

  • graph.api = NA01
  • graph-na02 = NA02
  • graph-eu01 = EU1

.4. Open “Installed SmartApps”

.5. Find your child SmartTiles v5 Dashboard in the list of SmartApps / Other

.6. Open the child SmartApp for the desired Dashboard instance for which you don’t have a Launcher URL.

.7. Scroll to the bottom, find and copy the Application ID. It is not labeled:

.8. Use that ID to construct your Launcher URL as follows:

<a href=""></a>app id from #4&shard=Your shard ID from #3&label=label of your choice

Example: and Temperature Launcher

NB: ActionTiles is fully functional except for a short outage on this past Friday evening. And no, this is not a conspiracy to try to force SmartTiles users to upgrade to ActionTiles.

Thank-you for your understanding


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