SMS Tile

To create SMS Tiles, use a combination of Momentary Button Tiles (a SmartThings virtual device) and the SMS Tile helper app.

  1. Login into the SmartThings IDE.
  2. Create a new SmartApp from code, using this code. Don't forger to publish the app.
  3. Create a Momentary Button Tile.
  4. Using the Classic SmartThings Mobile App, install the SMS Tile app that appears under My Apps. Configure up to 5 SMS phone numbers and the message.
  5. Authorize the Momentary Button Tile with ActionTiles.
  6. Add a Tile for this Momentary Button to a Panel of your choice (consider locking it with Pin Code).
  7. Tapping this tile will send SMS message per configuration in Step 4.
  8. To set up additional SMS messages, repeat steps 3-6 above.

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