How do I use Media Tiles to view my Video Cameras?

Please note: ActionTiles is unable to read the video streams through SmartThings Video Camera "Things", since SmartThings does not offer an API into the video streams and storage (so far!).

However, if your camera offers a direct URL to certain supported video streaming formats (i.e., viewable in a browser without a plug-in), then you can use the popular ActionTiles Media Tile.

More detail about Media & Video Tiles is ongoing research...

In the meantime, there is some applicable help at these links:


NB: These may also work with various models of Armcrest since they have a lot of overlapping Firmware / APIs.

This FAQ at Fosam may be helpful in finding a streaming URL for certain models of Foscam or Armcrest.

Possibly helpful Database of many cameras streaming URLs:

NB: ActionTiles cannot process "rtsp://" stream links. Only "http://" (and some browsers insist on "https://".

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