TinyCAM setup but can't access from network or AT

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so just installed TinyCAM Pro to try to stream my BOSCH DVR cameras to AT. amazing enough....., TinyCAM found all the cameras on the DVR via rtsp over tcp and are all setup on TinyCAM.

on the AT tablet where TinyCAM is also installed, I can hit tinycam's web server via the ip address or localhost:8083.

problem I'm having is I can't access the tinycam web site from my other machine, thus AT is not displaying the images when i specify the ip address.

does anyone have any insight into how to get it to talk to AT ? should I try "localhost:8083/params..." in the AT media widget

I've used the strings as noted on other threads here, but it appears i'm having trouble hitting the tinycam web server

Tablet: Samsung S3



TinyCam Pro

Tablet IP:



This is difficult to diagnose, as it usually "just works"...

Definitely try reaching the tinyCam feed URL from various machines on your local area network. They should all share the "192.168.0.*" prefix unless you have multiple subnets, or some sort of firewall in place (unlikely, but ?).

You might find the Fing App (network scanning tool for Android) helpful - or similar network scanning tools.


tinyCam Monitor Support contact may be able to provider further assistance, as they are providing the mini webserver streaming the video.


So what exactly do you get when you connect to from other devices? I'm assuming you did include the :8083 port number.


figured it out......

had https setup as recommended, but looks like the tablets didn't like that . Disabled https and went, and was then able to access the TinyCAM web server. 

Then in AT I added the link to the individual cameras as Terry posted here https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/3441-tinycam-pro-android-app-web-server-stream-rtsp-and-wyze-cam-to-actiontiles