When will I receive my Invite!?

The launch of ActionTiles started on March 1st, but we are only rolling-out to carefully sized groups of people each day.

If you have a confirmed email on our AT News Email List; then you are on the invite master list: Just wait for the emailer to get through the Invitation Queue to eventually send you an Invitation Code within the next couple of weeks. The Invitation Code will be active immediately when emailed, so they will not be sent in advance.

We have no set schedule for invitations and cannot predict when your invitation will be sent.

If you do not receive a Confirmation Link email after submitting your address to subscribe, you must make sure that this email address is in your address book or whitelist:

  • ActionNews@ActionTiles.com and Support@ActionTiles.com
  • How to add ActionNews@ActionTiles.com to your address book/white list

  • Even MORE help on whitelisting the "ActionNews@ActionTiles.com" (and "Support@ActionTiles.com" email addresses: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/5873-adding-email-addresses-to-a-safe-sender-list

  • If you believe your ISP is blocking us and you can't find a way around it, then please consider creating a free Gmail Account. Gmail is the number one email provider by far, and it's "spam" and "promotions" folders are pretty easy to explore to find mail from ActionTiles.com
  • If you still do not receive a confirmation for subscription in the following 24 hours or you have any other questions regarding this mailing list, please contact Support at: Support@ActionTiles.com

  • In a few more weeks we will probably open up direct registration to ActionTiles (no Invitation Code requirement). Accounts are still email based, though (i.e., so that you can request password resets, and so on), so if you can't get email from us, it may still be a concern. So the above recommendations will always remain important.

Thank-you for your enthusiasm; we're excited to know what you think of ActionTiles!

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